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Tyler, the Creator Talks Masturbation, Riots in New Nardwuar Interview

Tyler, the Creator‘s original interview with Nardwuar back at Odd Future’s peak is one of the most endearing chats that either party has been a part of to date, so it’s natural that five years later they’d connect yet again. This conversation has a little bit slower of a build, likely because Tyler’s more aware of the Human Serviette’s obsessive researching, but once they both get into the swing of things it gets pretty hilarious. Riffing on Tyler’s “Tamale” verse about not needing lubrication, Nardwuar starts a conversation about masturbation and offers him a tube of bacon lube (“You put bacon juice on your dick, huh Nardwuar?” he responds, incredulously) and a Ja Rule condom, which apparently, distressingly exists. Jasper and Taco also show up for their usual hijinks and joke around about some of the Cherry Bomber’s legal issues over the years, including his charges of inciting riots at festivals. Watch the full 20-minute interview here.