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Myrkur’s ‘Skøgen Skulle Dø’ Is a Hazy Black Metal Reverie

Myrkur is the solo black metal project of Danish multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun. She released her debut EP of gloriously misshapen and malformed recordings at the tail end of 2014, and she’ll return later this year with her first full-length M, which distills and purifies the otherworldly instrumentals that her earlier release hinted at. Today, she’s shared that record’s “Skøgen Skulle Dø,” which builds from wintry folk moans into the a a cloudy daydream of tremolo-picked guitars and choked-out gasps. You can listen to it over at NPR, as part of their always great “Viking’s Choice” column.

M is out August 21 on Relapse.

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