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Lauryn Hill Says She’s Barred From Entering U.K., Cancels London Show

Lauryn Hill 'Black Rage (Sketch)' Ferguson Missouri

Lauryn Hill is performing shows again, but it looks like she still won’t be appearing in the U.K. anytime soon. As NME points out, Hill posted on Facebook that her July 15 London show is now cancelled because she’s unable to enter the country for an undefined period of time “due to [her] past legal situation.” To her British fans she says that she “look[s] forward to seeing you again soon,” but she doesn’t offer any indication when or where that might be. Read the full statement below.

Hello All,

I’ve been informed that I won’t be able to enter the UK for a period of time due to my past legal situation. For this reason I have to cancel my concert on July 15th. Know that I was looking forward to performing in London this summer, and that I appreciate all of my fans and supporters both in London, and throughout the UK. I look forward to seeing you again as soon as I’m able to.

Love and Respect,