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Kim Deal and Courtney Barnett Interviewed Each Other for ‘The Talkhouse Music Podcast’

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The Talkhouse Music Podcast has musicians come on to talk to one another about the craft — the logic being, who would know better about music than the people making it? The latest episode sees the legendary Kim Deal, of Pixies and Breeders fame, speaking with one of 2015’s brightest new talents (and artist behind SPIN‘s No. 1 Song of 2015 So Far) Aussie singer-songwriter and guitarist Courtney Barnett. The pair talked about the agony that is hearing your own voice, what it’s like to be 27, and the relationship between drugs and creativity. Deal even suggests a possible title for Barnett’s sophomore album. Stream the full episode on SoundCloud, and subscribe to The Talkhouse Music Podcast on iTunes if you like what you’ve heard.