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Introverted Dancefloor Twirls the Pain Away on ‘Happiness Is Such A Mess’

New Zealand producer Bevan Smith already has a handful of musical endeavors to his name, including solo projects Signer and Aspen, and a hand in bands such as Ruby Suns and Skallander. So at this point, what’s one more? “Happiness Is Such A Mess” — oh, we know — is Smith’s first single from his solo project Introverted Dancefloor. The track is a smorgasbord of blinking synths and cricketing bells, and unlike the title itself suggests, “Happiness Is Such a Mess” is more of a thrown handful of confetti that proclaims the difficulties of contentment (“If you ever feel unhappy don’t forget things about to change not that change is such a good thing”).

The accompanying video portrays the tumultuous wreckage of happiness with two contemporary dancers making a modern revision of pop, lock, and drop it. Amongst a minimal set bathed in a hazy, celestial light Introverted Dancefloor encapsulates the happiness he describes as an unattainable pipe dream. Check out the video below and be on the look out for his self-titled album coming out via Carpark Records.