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iLoveMakonnen Pokes Fun at a Stoic Concertgoers in ‘Rumor’ Video

Another week‘s arrived, which means another video’s surfaced from OVO’s hyper-prolific weirdo iLoveMakonnen. This one reaches all the way back to last year’s iLoveMakonnen EP track “Rumor.”  In its paisley guitar lines and delicate crooning make it one of the less likely candidates for video treatment, but Makonnen’s able to give this one a funny little twist too. While there’s a fair bit of monochromatic shots of our plaintive protagonist walking the streets, the video mostly focuses on a wild Makonnen show where one fan, who occasionally (as above) stares straight in to the camera, watches on dead-eyed. But despite his stoicism, he gets a high five out of it the whole thing. Watch it here.