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Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, and Grace Jones to Star in Crazy Movie About Satan’s Guitar

It's a silent film

Before Hollywood figured out how to add sound to motion pictures, or “talkies,” as they were known, silent films were all the rage. Well, now in a bizarre twist, three musicians who are the opposite of silent — Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, and Grace Jones — are starring in a new movie about Satan’s guitar. Seriously.

Gutterda?mmerung, the upcoming film from Belgian-Swedish director Bjorn Tagemose, is fittingly being described as “the loudest silent movie on Earth.” A live rock band will provide the score. The legendary Iggy Pop plays Vicious, a punk-rock angel, while Henry Rollins plays a Puritan priest and Grace Jones plays a character who can “control the testosterone of the evil rock ‘n’ roll masses,” according to Pitchfork. Watch a video of Rollins revealing the cast of this crazy-ass movie, and check out some press photos below.