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HOLYCHILD Get Subversively Sleazy in New ‘U Make Me Sick’ Video

By all accounts, the music video for brat pop duo HOLYCHILD’s thunderous track “U Make Me Sick” feels sexy on its surface. But there’s something deeply unsettling about all the skin and glassy-eyed flirting going on in the short. Liz Nistico and Louie Diller’s thrilling debut album was all about critiquing celebrity culture, beauty, fame, and narcissism, and their earlier video for “Money All Around” took a knife to wealth-worship.

The “U Make Me Sick” visual is similarly subversive, cutting the sex appeal with a discomforting, exploitative and druggy vibe that forces the viewer to think about what they’re consuming — and just maybe feel a little sick about themselves. Watch the video here, via V Magazine