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Birdman and Lil Wayne Perform Pivotal Scene in Imaginary YMCMB Movie at Club LIV

Lil Wayne, Birdman

No movie this summer is likely to contain half the spine-tingling, “oh s—t” suspense and excitement of this ten-second Instagram video taken from Lil Wayne’ s performance during Jim Jones’ birthday party at Club LIV in Miami last night.

Yes, that’s an incredulous Lil Wayne on stage wondering why his shirt is suddenly wet, then cut to a stone-faced Birdman presiding from the balcony, silently challenging Wayne to make a thing out of it, and then Weezy giving his former mentor the Larry David…OK, I see how it is” nod. In case it wasn’t clear, Complex collected a series of tweets from the event, which appear to point to someone in the YMCMB boss’ camp throwing one or more bottles of water at the label’s one-time franchise player during his LIV performance.

Unreal for such a tellingly cinematic moment to actually occur in real life, especially one capturable on video like this. One waits in breathless anticipation of which scene from this high-stakes drama will unfold in the public view next.