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“All Of You” Need to Hear The Betty Who and De Lux Collaboration Track

Artists never know what will happen when they collaborate with their peers, but lucky for Aussie singer Betty Who and L.A. dance-punk duo De Lux, their first-ever meeting and recording session went flawlessly. With both acts appearing on Bonnaroo’s The Who Stage and specializing in the kind of tunes that get people dancing with abandon, it’s a natural fit that Ford Focus brought them together to create a re-make of Betty Who’s hit ”All of You.” The new 2015 Ford Focus believes in more. More to see. More to feel. More to hear, which is why it’s bringing you this exclusive collaboration.

Betty made her way to the Gibson Showroom in New York City, anxiously talking about how she’s never done anything like this before. De Lux, also discussed the collaboration, with multi-instrumentalist Isaac Franco telling bandmate Sean Guerin, “She’s pop and we’re a little not-pop, so it’s experimental.” While Guerin agrees that the pairing is “out there,” Franco deems the song “experi-pop.”

As expected from the hard-hitting tracks on their upcoming sophomore albumGeneration, De Lux gave “All of You” a faster beat and playful-yet-tense synths for a different feel under Betty’s ethereal vocals. The three musicians finished their session by heading out to the Ford Focus to hear the final product through the car’s incredible speakers. Satisfied by the results, Betty, Sean, and Isaac called it day, with the De Lux guys working out the song arrangement for Bonnaroo and eager to perform.

Betty and De Lux made the journey to Manchester, Tennessee and we were in tow to capture all the action. Watch as they headed to The Ford Backyard and premiered their re-make of “All of You” for an intimate crowd of lucky fans. Enjoy the final video in this alluring series, as well as the stunning Bonnaroo performance.