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Titus Andronicus Release ‘Sorry About the Delay’ Mixtape, Featuring New Album Tracks

The ragtag New York punks in Titus Andronicus are set to release their latest totemic record The Most Lamentable Tragedy on July 28, but first they want to apologize. Taking to Twitter early this morning, they shared  another in their series of mixtapes, this time with the Weezy-riffing title Sorry About the Delay. Last time around, the band used the tape to collect a bunch of covers but today they’re sharing something a little more special — a pair of tracks from that new album.

“Come On, Siobhan” and “Stranded (On My Own)” are both present in a number of iterations including “mixtape mixes” and demo versions. The final album renditions aren’t present, but these rollicking numbers at least give you a taste of what to come. In addition to those two, there are also demo versions of their other recent singles “Dimed Out” and “Fatal Flaw” as well as a few other unreleased cuts. Listen here in full here or snag a download over at their website.