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Walkin’ on the Bun: Smash Mouth Lead Singer Gets Pelted by Bread

Smash Mouth got pelted by bits of bread during their Taste of Fort Collins set on Sunday in Colorado, the Coloradoan reports. While the band was getting ready to perform “All Star,” audience members, who had conveniently been given chunks of bread (for eating) from a vendor booth, started throwing their food in the direction of lead singer Steve Harwell. He wasn’t pleased. In return, Harwell started yelling insults and threats at the audience, causing people to boo and security to intervene. Defamer reports that Harwell said the following: “You throw one more piece of sh—t on the f—king stage, I’m gonna come find your ass, I’m gonna beat your ass, whoever the f—k you are out there, OK?” Sounds like he was on a roll, alright.