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Never Mind the Interest Rates, Here’s the New Sex Pistols Credit Card

How’s this for the next “Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle”? Virgin Money, the financial branch of Richard Branson’s money tree, recently announced a new line of Sex Pistols theme credit cards. The collection features three new cards, two of which feature the album art for Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols and another of which has art inspired by “Anarchy in the UK.” As Guardian points out, Virgin has been promoting the collection by saying that it’s time to “bring a little bit of rebellion to your wallet.” It’s hard to imagine that any sort of rebellion could come with interest rates attached, but sure.

Either way, this all likely has something to do with the fact that the Sex Pistols were signed to Virgin Records back in 1977. But in the intervening years, that label’s British operations were absorbed into Universal Music Group to form Virgin EMI Records, the latter of which the band famously lambasted on Never Mind the Bollocks. Oh, the irony and the ecstasy.