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Ronnie Stone & the Lonely Riders Relive the Neon ’80s on ‘Live 2 Ride | Ride 2 Live’

Keytar-toting Brooklyn songwriter Ronnie Stone opens his latest spaced out synth-pop track with the admission that “lately [he’s] been stuck in time.” If you’re not sure just what time he’s stuck in, the rest of “Live 2 Ride | Ride 2 Live” quickly clears that up. Puttering dusty drum machines and smears of synth bass lead into a soaring chorus that’s some alchemical synthesis of all things neon and 1980s.

Stone and his band the Lonely Riders are an assortment mysterious musicians drawn from the Brooklyn DIY indie rock scene, presently remaining mysterious for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, but only contribute further to their overall out-of-time aesthetic. The band will undergo an unveiling of sorts when they release their debut full-length Motorcycle Yearbook on August 21. You can preorder it now over at Stone’s Bandcamp and stream “Live 2 Ride | Ride 2 Live” right here.