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Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt Wrote Two New Songs for a Dog Named Lola

Tack two more love songs onto his now hefty total

Stephin Merritt has a reputation as a bit sourpuss in other areas of his life, but his love for dogs knows no bounds. The Magnetic Fields frontman, who incidentally wrote SPIN’s 16th Best Album of the Past 30 Years, proved this yet again by using a recent promotional appearance for his Scrabble-themed poetry book to write a pair of songs about a little canine called Lola. Both “Lo” and “La” — two valid Scrabble words, in case you were wondering — are less than a minute long, but they’re still pretty little numbers that add on to his now-bountiful collection of love songs. Watch him perform both songs here, via Interfictions, accompanied by Lola and cellist Sam Davol.