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Kacey Musgraves Churns Butter to Make ‘Biscuits’ in New Video

The winking, retro clip comes in advance of 'Pageant Material,' out on June 23

Unbeknownst to those tuning in, Kacey Musgraves retro-leaning performance of “Biscuits” on Tuesday’s Tonight Show turned out to be something of a preview for the song’s official video. The Same Trailer, Different Park singer shared the visuals today, and it turns out that it has a similarly winking nod at country tropes. The video opens with a black-and-white clip of Musgraves churning butter (to add to the biscuits of the title perhaps?) before transitioning to her singing with a large string band in front of a faux-farm, who sport visibly fake beards, before it turns into a Disney Sing-Along Songs sort of affair. Watch it below before her new LP Pageant Material comes out on June 23.