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Inspired & the Sleep ‘Time Travel’ to an Era of Pole-Dancing and Sax Solos

Inspired & the Sleep are a groove-based pop collective from San Diego, keyed around singer-songwriter Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. The project’s latest EP, Eyelid Kid, will be coming this fall, and is led by the lovely “Time Travel,” a lush mid-tempo ballad propelled by a tapping drum shuffle and punctuated with some immensely satisfying ’70s sax blowing. The song’s black-and-white video “showcases the beauty of Brazilian art fitness pole dancing,” though appropriate to its soundtrack, the clip is more dreamy and longing than it is ostentatious or titillating.

Watch below, and look out for Eyelid Kid later this year, which Inspired & the Sleep describe as an “unfiltered look at the dichotomy that is the human condition… with the honest realization that the only meaning in life is that of which you assign.”