Grave Babies Sound All Grown Up on New Wave-y Single ‘Something Awful’

Since the release of their last collection of sonic muck, Crusher, Seattle’s Grave Babies have grown up, both in numbers and in sound. For Holographic Violence, the band’s second full-length for Hardly Art, songwriter Danny Wahlfeldt decided not to do it all himself for the first time, enlisting Bryce Brown (of Crypts) on bass and Mark Gajadhar (of Blood Brothers, Past Lives) on drums to add a newfound texture and murkiness to the proceedings.

Today, the now four-piece (which counts keyboardist Claire Haranda as a live member) has shared “Something Awful,” a spaced-out synth-led of new-wave number — which sounds less totally trashed, and less like “Total Trash” than their last release. Listen to it here before Holographic Violence comes out on July 24.


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