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Death Cab for Cutie Tour Los Angeles in ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive’ Video

Death Cab for Cutie made their distaste for Los Angeles known years ago on their 2001 track “Why You’d Want to Live Here.” That distasteful sentiment toward the City of Angels may not have changed judging by their just-released video for “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive.” Directed by Robert Hales (who also helmed “Black Sun”), the clip has the band board a celebrity-sighting tour bus, where a bunch of star-struck navel-gazers gawk at mansions and busily snap pictures. Frontman Ben Gibbard, meanwhile, reluctantly acts as their tour guide.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the video, bassist Nick Harmer said, “For every great thing about the city and the experience of living there, there is an offsetting negative that, for me, makes my feelings about L.A. a net zero in terms of personal connection. The culture of celebrity tours feeds into this…it leaves me feeling cold and indifferent, and we wanted to make a video that captures that feeling of detachment.”