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Watch a Cat Be Metal as Hell in Mastodon’s Trippy ‘Asleep in the Deep’ Video

Turns out your kitty goes on some wild adventures when you're asleep

Cats sleep for upwards of 16 hours a day, but what do they do when they’re awake? Mastodon imagined the midnight journeys of a feline friend, and it’s cute, creepy, and totally insane in equal parts. The video for their song “Alseep in the Deep,” directed by Skinner, Shane Morton, and Video Rahim, starts with a live action kitty, who after wandering away from his sleeping owner, embarks on a strange and epic journey that transforms him into a puppet. It’s as if the cat dropped acid and then fell through the Halloween Town door from Nightmare Before Christmas, with detours to Wonderland and Mount Doom. It is one of the most bonkers things SPIN has ever seen, and it’s coming from a band that’s known for it’s nutso videos. Check it out.

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