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Candide Find Optimism ‘Just For an Instant’ in Hazy New Single

The synth-loving 'Detract' EP is out now

“Everything is for the best,” Voltaire wrote repeatedly in his standout 1759 novel, Candide (whether or not he meant it is debatable — he was a satirist, after all). In the case of a Brooklyn/Berlin-based synth-pop duo of the same name, there is no doubt that Adam Brodsky and Candice Strongwater’s output is imbued with the same good vibes, though probably with much less French-writer skepticism and eyebrow-raising.

In their cucumber-cool new single, “Just For an Instant,” the pair trade warm yet detached tones: Brodsky’s chilly, Field-like synths swell and contract as Strongwater’s breathy vocals softly weave their way through the ambient haze. Though the majority of their Detract EP, the two craft sunnier melodies, “Just For an Instant” is a welcome step into the shade. Check out the single below, and listen to Candide’s EP here.

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