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Hear Beck’s Big, Bold New Single, ‘Dreams’

In February, Beck won the Grammy for Album of the Year with Morning Phase, a folksier record from the man who brought the world the definitive outcast jam “Loser” in 1994. Today, the multi-hyphenate musician returns with “Dreams,” the lead single from his upcoming new album, and it couldn’t be any fresher a breath of air.

Layered with pounding guitars, incessant tambourines, and a very psychedelic bass — seriously, where’s Beck getting all this funk from all of a sudden? — “Dreams” injects new life into the singer, who’s churned out a steadily lovely output as of late, but nothing quite as in-your-face as this new cut. In an interview with a Los Angeles radio station last week, Beck confirmed that he too thinks the single is the polar opposite of anything from Morning Phase, also revealing that he’s been hard at work on his upcoming project for several years already. Give “Dreams” a listen, and if you’re so compelled, follow that up with a peek into the 44-year-old’s mind with his radio chat too.