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Watch FMLYBND Play a Set in the Middle of a Convenience Store

FMLYBND plays in a random convenience store thanks to the Swisher Sweets Artist project

You’ve got to check this video out. That’s FMLYBND and yes – they’re jamming out in a random convenience store.

Thanks to The Convenience Store Sessions, they’re not the only artist that’s been seen performing live in an unlikely space. Customers who happen upon these unannounced pop-up performances witness something amazing—a band comes in, sets up, and plays. This season will feature 10 episodes capturing performances by some of our favorite bands. Maybe that’s enough to make you think again next time you make a guilty pit stop for Taquitos?

Credit for The Convenience Store Sessions is owed to Swisher Sweets and their Swisher Sweets Artist Project, in association with TuneCore. The artist project is an ongoing initiative that creates opportunities for both artists and fans—artists get the chance to share and pursue their passion, while fans remain at the forefront of what’s emerging. We love that the project also offers grants to help aspiring artists with absolutely no catch. They just want to see talented people realize their dreams. If you’re an independent artist, follow @SwisherSweets and @TuneCore on Twitter to find out when the program is launching.

Follow Isla Vista’s FMLYBND into their reverie. With their genre-bending hooks and their sincere cries to reshape electronic music, the band has their sight set on horizons beyond their slum beach haven. Coming off their 2014 EP and their hit “Come Alive,” which has already been featured on FIFA 15, FMLYBND continues to churn more danceable, foot-stomping anthems by giving away a song per month for all of 2015. You can catch FMLYBND live at the next TuneCore Live Los Angeles on June 24th at Bardot in Hollywood, the Long Beach Summer and Music Series, and Wayfarer Newport Beach this summer.

A special thanks to TuneCore, a digital music distribution company, who shares Swisher’s love for artists trying to make a living at their art. They enable independent artists to share their music and keep 100% of the income from their sales. Swisher Sweets and TuneCore’s event TuneCore Live Hollywood, with TuneCore Live New York coming soon, features monthly artist showcases, and is making a presence at A3C in Atlanta. Check out their upcoming shows on Facebook (@TuneCore Live), and RSVP!

For details on the Swisher Sweets Artist Project, and to watch The Convenience Store Sessions unfold follow Facebook (@SSArtistProject), Twitter (@SwisherSweets) and Instagram (@SwisherSweets) and catch future episodes. Subscribe to Swisher Sweets YouTube channel to see all the Artist Project content.