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Exclusive: Zedd Treats Fans to Premiere of New Song ‘Daisy’

Rob Sheridan for 42 Entertainment

For the past month, electro-extraordinaire Zedd has been visiting cities across the country to promote his upcoming album True Colors (May 18 via Interscope). At each location, there’s been a scavenger hunt for diehard fans, ending in 50 of the bunch being carted off to some secret location to hear a new song from the project. On Tuesday night, Zedd and friends visited the Inn at Serenbe, just outside of Atlanta, just for the chance to hang out with the 25-year-old while hearing the first play of “Daisy.”

“I wanted to bring my fans to a place that had the very same look and feel as where the lyrics to ‘Daisy’ were first written,” Zedd told SPIN after the event. “The Serenbe farms area outside of Atlanta has beautiful daisy fields, rolling green hills, tall trees and rivers running throughout the property. I felt it was the perfect place to capture the emotion of the song while fans listened for the very first time.”

As for the song itself, “‘Daisy’ is inspired by the flower,” Zedd says. “It’s a beautiful flower that represents a state of emotional freedom. I wanted to translate those feelings of beauty and freedom into the music. I chose chords that are extremely unique, both to any composition I’ve previously written as well as electronic music in general.”

Check out exclusive photos of the event in our gallery above now.