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Van Exel Blasts Off Into Prog-House Grandeur on ‘The Statik Eclipse’

Van Exle, 'Constellation X'

Van Exel, otherwise known as producer and remixer T.H. White, has returned from a three-year musical hiatus with new song “The Statik Eclipse.” Full of zooming synths, acid squelches and thudding bass, and with a ’70s sci-fi sheen to its production (as well as a strategically deployed John Wayne soundbite from the 1948 western Red River), the prog-tinged electro-house jam is a sort of spiritual cousin to Oliver’s “Light Years Away,” or what people assumed Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack would sound like before actually hearing the thing.

“Eclipse” comes from the upcoming Constellation X, Van Exel’s upcoming concept album, which according to the album’s press materials, will be consist of “a cautionary narrative based on the discovery of a distant galaxy holding the remains of a human like civilization. A lone pilots epic journey is chronicled as he ultimately learns that supreme technological advances caused the downfall of this ancient cosmic race.” Heavy, but probably not too heavy, since KISS’ much-maligned and exceedingly silly Music From the Elder is actually cited as a precedent for the album.

Listen to the first transmission below, and look out for Constellation X this July on Sky Council Recordings.