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Summer Fiction Wraps Sunny Indie-Pop Melodies in ‘Perfume Paper’

With its Brian Wilson-like melodic levity and Johnny Marr-influenced guitar jangle, Summer Fiction‘s “Perfume Paper” is — without being too on-the-nose — every bit as warm weather-friendly as you’d expect it to be. This earnest lack of pretension is what makes the Brooklyn-based project — comprised solely of singer-songwriter Bill Ricchini — so effortlessly engaging.

A few weeks out from releasing his sophomore effort, Himalaya, Ricchini all but rolls out the red carpet (or is it green AstroTurf?) to summer on “Perfume Paper,” which skips merrily down the beach with lush, sun-dappled melodies, an easy, mid-tempo rhythm, and plenty of cause to kick your shoes off and roll the car windows down. Hear “Perfume Paper” below, grab Himalaya on June 16, and pre-order it here.