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Sharon Van Etten Puts Music to Rare, Unfinished Karen Dalton Song, ‘Remembering Mountains’

Far too little of the late, great, trailblazing folk troubadour Karen Dalton’s music exists, so it’s a treat to hear new music based off of her unheard work. An upcoming compilation album originating from personal papers of Dalton’s held by American Primitivism guitarist Peter Walker is coming out this month, and now Stereogum has shared Sharon Van Etten’s title track, “Remembering Mountains.” The young indie singer-songwriter put melody to an unfinished lyric sheet, and the resulting song is delicate, thoughtful, and beautiful. Listen to it below, and check out this video of Van Etten performing the song live last January. Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs By Karen Dalton arrives May 26 via Tompkins Square.