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Selfie Sticks Allowed at Glastonbury Festival (We Know You Were Worried)

The Coachella and Lollapalooza festival organizers don’t seem like the types to buy Kim Kardashian’s new book of selfies, seeing as both events banned the use of selfie sticks. But now there’s hope for music lovers who want to hear their favorite bands and snap some great pics of themselves — Glastonbury Music Festival is not prohibiting the divisive photo aid. Speaking to NME, organizer Emily Eavis confirmed that they were allowed — for this year, at least. “We haven’t really decided where we stand on them,” she said. “I’m going to walk around and see if they’re getting in the way or not!”

So if you’re going to Glastonbury this year, take a selfie or twelve. Try to get a pic with Kanye West — he’ll be there.