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GFOTY and Spinee Get Pointedly Weird on Their ‘Dog Food Mix 2’

PC Music members GFOTY and Spinee have just released their “Dog Food Mix 2” as part of the announcement that members of the British electronic label will play a London show at the Red Gallery on June 13. The mix is comprised of four tracks — plus a sample of Spinee’s “Pretty Green” that shows up somewhere in the middle — including “PRETTY GFOTY,” “BIG RED DOG,” “MONEY ME,” and “CASH COWS.”

It’s a high-energy ten minutes, complete with GFOTY’s lackadaisical but sharply barbed thoughts and musings (Kesha could never) and hard, pounding beats that scatter themselves wildly. Stream it below, and pick up tickets to the London show — advertising a “huge lizard lounge, juicy steaks, undead guests, free money,” and more — here.