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Mac DeMarco Imagines ‘The Way You’d Love Her,’ Shares Details of New Mini-LP

On August 7, Mac DeMarco will release a project he’s calling the Another One mini-LP, and to tease its release three months ahead of time, the alt-scuzz musician has shared “The Way You’d Love Her.” The new cut is breezy and head-over-heels gushy. There’s some gauzy “Beach House by way of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s backyard” guitar riffs that sweep up the Salad Days singer’s demure, almost purring vocals. Hear it below, and check out the Another One track list too.

Mac DeMarco, Another One track list:
1. “The Way You’d Love Her”
2. “Another One”
3. “No Other Heart”
4. “Just to Put Me Down”
5. “A Heart Like Hers”
6. “I’ve Been Waiting for Her”
7. “Without Me”
8. “My House by the Water”