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Go Deep With Synth-Pop Sixpiece Kid Astray on New Single ‘Diver’

Kid Astray

A sextet from Oslo, Norway, Kid Astray have released a run of singles since forming a couple years ago that haven proven them among Scandinavia’s finest synth-pop revivalists. The latest exhibit in the group’s case is new advance track “Diver,” another shimmering blast of airy keys, rumbling bass, and soaring vocals. Over a 6/8 shuffle, the band plunges you into the briny deep, insisting “Getting further from the shore / Let’s go floating in the endless flood.” It’s not quite a Sebastian-the-Crab-level endorsement, but it certainly does make the landlocked seem like suckers.

Listen to the immersive pop concoction below, and be sure to investigate full-length debut Home Before the Dark when it drops via Cosmos on June 15, currently available for pre-order.