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Jon Hamm Says Sally Draper Should ‘Date Kurt Cobain’ In a ‘Mad Men’ Spin-Off

There are no plans, but Hamm also sees the character turning into a "Joan Jett-like rock star"

AMC’s slick, introspective period drama Mad Men aired its final episode on Sunday night, and while there are no plans to continue the story of Don, Peggy, Pete, Roger, or Joan in a spin-off, that’s not stopping cast members from having ideas — ideas involving the lead singer of Nirvana.

Speaking the Television Academy’s “Farewell to Mad Men event on Sunday night, star Jon Hamm was asked is there were any characters whose story he’d like to see continue. While he said that Mad Men’s story was complete, and he thought a spin-off would be “less fulfilling somehow,” he still had an answer. “With that said, it would be Sally,” he admitted, before suggesting an arc for his on-screen daughter.

We would want to watch Sally grow up. Move through the ’70s and turn into a rock star and turn into Joan Jett or something. Ride a motorcycle and kill a guy. Make a bunch of money and then become Oliver Stone in the ’80s. Date Kurt Cobain in the ’90s. She’s just a touchstone for every generation. Yeah, I’d watch that show. Sally Through the Decades.

So, yeah, Sally Draper is a young Courtney Love, in Hamm’s mind. Sally and Cobain probably would share the same distaste of commercialism and advertising. For what it’s worth, Kiernan Shipka, the actress who plays Sally, is into the idea. “That was funny!,” she said to Dateline when asked about Hamm’s idea. “I think they all decided the title would be Sally Through the Decades! I’m good with it. I’m not saying no.”