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Get Intoxicated! James Murphy to Open NYC Wine Bar

James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

We hear that James Murphy and his band have sold their turntables and bought decanters. Nearly a half-decade after hanging up his white tee and skinny tie as frontman for the pivotal 21st century dance-rock outfit LCD Soundsystem and immersing himself in the coffee game, Murphy has now gone fully gastro, with the New York Times reporting that the bearded Brooklyn icon will be opening Four Horsemen, his very own wine bar, in Williamsburg this June. The bar is said to hold about 40, to have a strong emphasis on “natural wines,” and to include both “snacks and larger dishes,” courtesy of veteran chef Nick Curtola.

While Murphy makes a point in the article of insisting that he shall remain musically active, it certainly seems like the bar will be his primary focus for the moment. “There’s kind of a limitless amount of things I want to do, and when the path seems to open, that’s when I try to do a thing,” the 45-year-old amateur explains. We look forward to visiting his upscale bowling alley in 2020.