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Icky Blossoms Push Psychedelic Buttons on ‘Mask’

With their new LP, Mask, Icky Blossoms expand their horizons beyond their pulsing, Dave Sitek-produced debut. This time, the Omaha trio of Sarah Bohling (vocals and synthesizer), Nik Fackler (lead guitar and vocals), and Tilly and the Wall’s Derek Pressnall (guitar and vocals) flex a bolder, more adventurous palette — dizzingly percolating arpeggios and screeches on “Silver Tongue,” freaky-deaky harmonies on “Spiral,” and even a DMX-style bark on the ’80s synthpop-indebted “Away From You. It’s a good look for them. Hear Mask in full above, and look out for its release on May 12 via Saddle Creek.