HOLYCHILD Spoof the Luxurious Life in New ‘Money All Around’ Video

HOLYCHILD shared the video for their bombastically cheeky song “Money All Around” earlier today, and boy, is there a lot going on. The video sees Liz Nistico and Louie Diller in a swanky restaurant, surrounded by the rich, beautiful, and/or old people while they make a mockery of high society. In a recent interview with Idolator, Nistico explained that “Money All Around” is a “sarcastic song about things that we value in our culture right now — in particularly how we view bodies and money.” If the visuals weren’t enough to tip you off, the short also has Pop-Up Videostyle captions, which start out as dry behind-the-scenes trivia, before addressing more serious topics like body issues — albeit with a sense of humor. (One caption reads “Prosthetic salami penises = defying gender expecations.”) Watch above, and look for their album The Shape of Brat Pop to Come on June 2.


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