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Ghostface Killah Announces ‘Twelve Reasons to Die II,’ Shares New Track ‘Return of the Savage’

Wu-Tang MVP Ghostface Killah (who’s all over our Best 300 Albums list) released a comic book-based concept album in 2013 called Twelve Reasons to Die, a Western-esque story composed courtesy of producer Adrian Younge. Now the duo has teamed up again to release a follow-up record called Twelve Reasons to Die II, which is due out on July 10 via Linear Lab. Along with the new record, which will tell the tale of a resurrected Tony Starks (Ghostface), who is off in search of revenge against the DeLuca mob family, comes a new track called “Return of the Savage,” which is set in the crime-riddled ’70s New York and features fellow Wu-Tang Clan members Raekwon and RZA. Check it out below.