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‘SNL’ Taps Wiz Khalifa, Florence + the Machine, and Rihanna to Close Season

The folks at Saturday Night Live revealed who the last three musical guests of the 40th season are going to be, and it’s a pretty exciting trio. Wiz Khalifa will perform on May 2, accompanying host Scarlett Johansson the day after her new Avengers movie comes out. May 9 will see Florence + The Machine take the stage with host Reese Witherspoon. Hopefully Flo’s broken foot will be in good enough shape for her to put on one of her usual, energetic performances.

SNL‘s season will conclude on May 16 with Louis C.K. hosting and Rihanna making her fifth appearance as a musical guest. We still have no idea when R8 is going to drop, but it wouldn’t be the most surprising thing if we hear a little something from the new album come Saturday night. Who knows — maybe the record will already be out by then? Only Rihanna knows for sure.

We’re ending the 40th season of #SNL with a bang!

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