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Yes, Ryan Adams Has Finally Covered Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of ’69’

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

Thirteen years after the fateful night when a Ryan Adams fan made the grave error of shouting “‘Summer of ’69’!” at the singer/songwriter, who was not in a particularly joking mood at the time — because, you see, “Summer of ’69” was a hit for ’80s MOR rock star Bryan Adams, whose name is almost identical — Adams has finally gotten closure. Back then, the heckler inspired an on-stage rant that ended in the performer personally refunding the fan $30 and ordering him banished from the gig, but last night, Adams (unprompted) actually ran through the classic rock standard, playing it solo acoustic to a rapturous crowd. Dangerous precedent set, though: Now fans are gonna have to start shouting for “Cuts Like a Knife” at future Ryan shows.

Watch the video above, and rejoice at being a part of history.