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PC Music Tease Upcoming NYC Show With Bizarre New Website

Fresh off their trip to another dimension of sound and time during their South By Southwest showcase, British electro-sound collective PC Music have just launched a flashy, humming new website for their upcoming one-off New York City show. Called the Pop Cube, the label’s Red Bull Music Academy experience will take place at the BRIC Media House on May 8, and is billed as follows:

The prolific, confounding and often brilliant crew PC Music is impossible to pin down. The same goes for SOPHIE. Both play with ideas about pop cultural iconography, flip pop on its head, and turn blindingly bright synths into sparkling moments of harsh beauty. And now they may be morphing into a television network right in front of our eyes. Curious about what that means? This all-encompassing night will bring their sound and aesthetic to life in a way that you’ve never seen before. Join SOPHIE and pretty much the entire cast of the label at downtown Brooklyn media and arts space BRIC House to participate in the spectacle.

If you do a bit of poking around on the new Pop Cube website, you’ll find a bizarre “Appearance Release Form” that lists the performers — Quinn “QT” Thomas, Hannah Diamond, Girlfriend of the Year, SOPHIE, A. G. Cook, and Danny L Harle — as well some interestingly worded legalese. Most notable are the fourth and fifth clauses that attendees are expected to abide by:

“I” hereby declare Pop Cube to act as my sole provider of all existing, recently conceived and completely hypothetical visual content. Consumption of any new content through any other provider than Pop Cube will be deemed a serious breach of contract… The “Production Company” hereby consents to provide attendees with a fully immersive experience that entertains in totality without a single moment’s respite or break. Failure to meet this commitment by the “Production Company will result in the termination of all terms and clauses contained within this contract with immediate effect.

Check out the Pop Cube website here, and revisit SPIN‘s Trend of the Year piece on PC Music, too.