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Mariah Carey Bemoans the End of ‘Infinity’ on New Single

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

In May, pop legend Mariah Carey will release Number 1 to Infinity, a compilation collecting all 18 of her Billboard Hot 100-topping chart hits — a tally that leaves her tied with Elvis Presley for second-most of all-time among artists, by the way, behind only the Beatles — to coincide with the beginning of her residency at the Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. To round out and promote the collection, Carey has released the Obligatory New Track from the set: “Infinity,” a sweeping ballad that starts with an orchestral intro of Just Blaze-sized bombast and ends with a trademark Mariah whistle-register high note. In between, the diva laments a relationship’s end with breathy resignation: “Close the door, lose the key / Leave my heart on the mat for me / I was yours eternally / There’s an end to infinity.” (Fans will no doubt prognosticate about the song’s true-to-lifeness concerning MC’s own recently dissolved marriage to husband of six years Nick Cannon.)

It’s not too likely to end up as Mariah’s 19th Hot 100-topper, but it’s a torch song that’s stadium-sized in both sound and emotion, the likes of which no one pulls off quite like the Elusive Chanteuse. Watch the lyric video above.