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Madonna and Diplo Perform ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

Madonna took the stage with Diplo on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night…eventually, doing “Bitch, I’m Madonna” from Rebel Heart, in a performance that began in the dressing room and finding people along the way (a security guard, Questlove, Jimmy himself) to lip sync the titular phrase.

The pairing looked rather turnt in black jackets covered in gold dollar signs, with Madge opting for a number of gold chains around her neck somewhere between “DJ Khaled” and “Mr. T,” and various dancers following them from the hall onto the Tonight Show stage. At one point she pulls a fan out his seat and throws him into another one (this could’ve been staged but…Madonna is pretty diesel).

You can watch that clip above; below is the long-awaited toy instruments take on her classic “Holiday,” also featuring Jimmy and the Roots.

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