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Watch JEFF The Brotherhood’s Bizarre New Video for ‘Black Cherry Pie’

Jeff the Brotherhood
Jeff the Brotherhood

The trippy video for “Black Cherry Pie,” JEFF The Brotherhood‘s second single off of Wasted On The Dream, looks a bit like a Monty Python talk show sketch, complete with mismatched plush chairs and unexpected guest appearances. After a slow pan down from black to brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall drinking Busch Lites, we hear a Jethro Tull-style flute solo and the first line: “Heard the world has turned into a giant ball of shit / What are we supposed to do?” They sit stone-faced, throwing marigolds on the floor occasionally, watching King Tut walk by while Jamin eats strawberries from his shirt pocket.

It’s gleefully absurd, while doing hardly anything at all. Wasted On The Dream is out now via Infinity Cat Records.