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Jay Z and Jack White Have Been Calling TIDAL Users to Say ‘Thanks’

Along with TIDAL’s high price tag comes a few perks — FLAC/lossless audio, exclusive content, Taylor Swift, etc. But now it seems like there’s another unique benefit to the streaming service: a chance to get a phone call from Jay Z just sayin’ thanks. According to Business Insider, TIDAL executive Vania Schlogel said Hova has been personally calling subscribers to thank them for using his service. Other big artists, including Jack White, are also said to have picked up the phone to thank regular ol’ folks for using their little, multi-million-dollar platform. Schlogel explained that artists who use TIDAL have access to statistics about how their music is doing, and contact information for listeners in case they want to get in touch.

She told Business Insider that one lucky user said it was “the best customer service call I’ve ever received!”