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Hundred Waters’ 2015 FORM Festival Features How to Dress Well, the Antlers, and More

Hundred Waters have announced plans to resurrect last year’s FORM Festival, which takes place in in in an “urban laboratory” in Arcosanti, Arizona just outside of Phoenix. This year’s fest will take place May 22 through May 24, and will feature sets from Hundred Waters, How to Dress Well, the Antlers, Mutual Benefit, Majical Cloudz, and more. To get your summer started off really right, there’ll also be workshops, hikes, and pool parties.

Admission to FORM is technically free, but those who want to attend will need to fill out a questionnaire to be considered as attendees. Those who the band deem especially “thoughtful and creative” will get to go. Below, the band expounds on the festival’s mission. Apply for your spot here, and check out the full roster of performers below.

Festivals are usually fast paced and high stress for artists and attendees. We’re lucky to spend a single day on site and even luckier to have a meaningful conversation with an artist we know or wish to know. With FORM, all of the artists and attendees stay on site together for the entire weekend. We eat together, dance together, share the whole experience together, and when it’s time to part ways, we leave with a very distinct memory of a very distinct time and place. We let the place and the environment shape that experience. As visitors to this beautiful, highly intentional micro city of Arcosanti, our appreciation for every day things like infrastructure, sustenance and community are heightened without even realizing it. Every human interaction more meaningful. Every cup of coffee or tea more delicious with the underlying thought of what it took to get it into your hands. A more present state of consciousness. A place to cultivate ideas.

Hundred Waters' 2015 FORM Festival Features How to Dress Well, the Antlers, and More