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Future Islands Make Glorious ‘Letterman’ Return and Release New Song

The last time Future Islands were on Late Show With David Letterman, it was a sight to behold. The Baltimore group’s groovy synthpop and lead singer Samuel T. Herring’s incredible dance moves wowed Letterman. Now, with the host’s days on the show number, he’s bringing back some of his favorite musical guests, and on Tuesday night, it was up to Future Islands to top their performance of “Seasons (Waiting On You)” from last year. While they might not’ve bested that epic, meme-worthy show, they made a valiant effort, playing their hypnotic new single “The Chase” and releasing a brand new B-side online shortly after the show. The new song, “Haunted By You,” is less spooky than the title would imply — instead, it’s a pretty, sparse, and touching tune, as Herring’s vocals somehow continue to hit those heartstrings. Herring also started out the appearance by offering a moving shout-out supporting their Baltimore hometown. Watch “The Chase” above, and listen to “Haunted By You” below.