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There’s Now a Drake Search Engine for All Your Drake-Related Inquiries

Have you ever searched for something on Google, and, upon getting your results, thought, “Man, this is great, but I wish it was about Drake instead”? Well, now there’s an answer to all of your Drizzy-related prayers and questions. Let Me Drake That For You is a new, all-Drake search engine. “#lmdraketfy is like Google, on fleek,” the description reads. “Search something, discover how it relates to Drake. Everything you never knew you needed in your life.”

It’s pretty simple — enter in a word, and it’ll turn back all the relevant Drake-related results, with plenty of Drizzy audio clips throughout. This amazing contribution to Drake knowledge was created by developer Tyler Smith, who goes by @mbmufffin on Twitter. Discover how all things come back to Drake on

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