Death From Above 1979 Imagine an Amish Bacchanal in ‘Virgins’ Video

Death From Above 1979
Death From Above 1979, 'Virgins' Video

The Amish have gone wild in the new video for Death From Above 1979’s “Virgins,” off 2014’s reunion LP The Physical World. The clip, directed by Eva Michon (wife of singer/drummer Sebastian Grainger), features a couple of kids in bonnets and straw hats coming off church, catching a ride with locals in a pickup truck, and heading out to a punk show at a barn. From there, it’s pretty much the usual: mushrooms get eaten, ashes get snorted, trees get humped, eyes get licked, you know the drill.

The band shows up as cops at the end to break up the fun — stupid English. Watch the video above.


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