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David Hasselhoff Is a ‘True Survivor’ in This Unspeakably Awesome Music Video

David Hasselhoff true survivor

David Hasselhoff — yes, Baywatch David Hasselhoff — has a new song and music video for something called “True Survivor,” and please trust that you’ll want to stop what you’re doing immediately to watch it. Part of the Kung Fury soundtrack (an ’80s-loving action movie premiering on YouTube on May 28), the song is an all-synth/electric drumbeat/”Eye of the Tiger”-esque piece of pop perfection. The video, meanwhile, has the Hoff rocking a glorious mullet as he battles masked villains and stands proudly in front of a DeLorean-type vehicle. Be a “True Survivor” above, and look for the Kung Fury soundtrack on May 28, too.

(h/t Idolator)