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Crystal Castles Are Planning an Album Without Ex-Singer Alice Glass

Crystal Castles producer Ethan Kath ignited something of a kerfuffle with former singer Alice Glass last week, but it seems he’s backing off some of the vitriol. When he released a new track called “Frail” to the Crystal Castles Soundcloud he paired it with a description that claimed, among other things, that he had written the lyrics and melodies to the duo’s hits. He deleted it quickly, but it still prompted a justifiably angry response from Glass. By Friday night in an email interview in with Pitchfork it seems that cooler heads had prevailed in the situation, with Kath disowning some of his note, as well as dropping the tidbit that another Crystal Castles LP is in the works.

“I pulled [the Soundcloud description because I have no desire to throw any shade,” Kath explained. “I really do wish her the best.”

He goes on to say that he’s “excited for [Glass’ solo music],” but seems noticeably terse when it comes to the terms of her departure from the band. Kath says she initially went on a yearlong hiatus from the group, but that when that year expired “she tweeted that she was leaving.”

But all that aside, Kath seems to be moving forward. He says that “Frail” was put out to let the general public know that he was working on a new album and that the mysterious singer behind the track is named “Edith” and isn’t, as some have speculated, his own voice pitched up. You can read the full interview over at Pitchfork.