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YOUTH Ventures into Dark, Lustful Territory on ‘Just For You’

Youth, Just For You

“Just For You” is the London-based YOUTH‘s leading track for her debut EP About You. The single is steamy electro-soul with YOUTH (a.k.a. singer/songwriter Krissy) delivering strong, piercing melodies that bounce off of the seductive organ-like synths in the background. Over a sensual R&B track, Krissy cries during the chorus, “I got a plan and I’m gonna make it / I can’t, I can’t, I can’t keep holding on to you / I got a lot of love to give baby / Our love, our love, our love is just for me and you.”

YOUTH’s journey into the depths of unrelinquished love with misty production and a throbbing rhythm creates a mesmerizing release. Listen below, and check out About You when it drops April 6 on Camouflage Recordings.